Chemistry video packages

Available now are Edexcel IAL 2013 AS & A2 WCH0, Edexcel IAS 2018 WCH1 & WCH14, Edexcel GCE AS 8CH0 and Edexcel GCE A2 9CH0. CIE, AQA and OCR A are still being updated.

Welcome to simplychemistry's video packages.  

This is an affordable resource that can be used to support your studies in a number of ways;  

  • To accompany topics being covered in school
  • To go through in advance of topics being covered in school (flipped learning)
  • To support home study students
  • To be used as a resource in addition to other chemistry tuition that you may be receiving.
  • To be used as revision prior to exams.

Flexible learning (whenever,  wherever to suit you)

Some of us are night owls and some of us are early birds!  With video course tuition, you can study your syllabus specific material anywhere and at any time to suit you.  And, unlike with a regular tutor, you can review the theory as many times as you wish.

Excellent value for money

These packages were created to give students access to materials which should help them in their AS and A2 chemistry studies.  

My video packages contain the same theory as I go through in my live individual and group online tuitions.

Students need to work through all the video's and then make summary notes.

Please check out the free preview material before you purchase access to the video packages so that you are aware of how they work.

Please note that the videos or notes cannot be downloaded.

Good luck!

Frequently asked Questions

  • What do I need to do with the video course?

    Watch the videos, make your own notes and then answer past paper questions.

  • Which internet browser should I use?

    The video course works best with google chrome.

  • Why are the videos not playing or the notes and questions say that I do not have access?

    Clear your browsing internet history and delete the cookies, then restart our computer. It should now work.

  • What should I do if I have a question about the theory

    Contact me by email with your question and please provide a screenshot.

  • Are the videos or notes available for download?